[10''] 10.1 inch Retina Display Bluetooth Android Tablet Teclast P11HD Quad-Core 1920*1200 (16:10) Super-HD + 1.6GHz Quad-Core Cortex-A9 + 2GB DDR3 RAM + 48GB + 8.5mm Ultra-thin Metallic Cover + 5.0MP Auto-focus Camera + WiFi + Bluetooth + Android 4.2 Jelly Bean - by Teclast

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The price $269.00 has included the following items!!!
1 × Teclast P11HD Quad-Core 10.1'' Android Tablet PC
1 × User Manual
1 × USB cable
1 × Wall Charger(worldwide compatible with adaptor)
1 × 32GB Micro-SD TF Card
1 × 10.1 inch Leather Case Keyboard
1 × 10.1 inch Soft Bag
1 × Touch Pen
1 × Android mini Robot
1 × HDMI Cable
1 × Display clean Cloth
1 × Earphone Cable Winder
1 × Free Ebooks Pack
1 × Free Applications Pack
1 × Full Tech Support
1 × 12-month Manufacturer Warranty
Product Detail
Extreme Excellent Performance
28nm Top-level Quad-Core Fluent Experience
Teclast P11HD Android tablet chooses leading 28nm RK3188 based on quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU. Thanks to the 28nm advanced technology, it has up to 1.6GHz high processor speed and makes it has very good performance with low power consumption. Compared with 40nm products, it has 20% lower power-consumption.
1.6GHz Cortex-A9 4-Core
One of the Fastest Processor
Many of those tablet PC in the market are using Cortex-A7 processor, though it has low power consumption, but too old technology makes it has low processor speed. While quad-core RK3188 used on Teclast P11HD based on more advanced Cortex-A9 program. The operational performance is 1.35 times faster than normal tablets.
2GB Large DDR3 RAM
Dual-Channel Great Performance
Teclast P11HD quad-core comes with 2GB super large RAM, which is two times than most of the mainstream tablets in the market. It has apparent superiority while playing games, surfing web pages or opening big files.
16:10 Golden Ratio
Choose 10.1 inch to Watch Movies
The mainstream and latest movies have already start to use golden ratio to make. It would not have the perfect performance if still use 4:3 display to watch. The 16:10 display used in Teclast P11HD quad-core is excellent to watch movies.
Retina IPS HD Display
Vivid and Shocking Performance
Teclast P11HD quad-core Android tablet has a 1920*1200 super high resolution retina 10.1 inch display. It is full angle of view, vivid and colorful IPS display.
Quad-Core GPU
Freely Play big 3D Games
The GPU integrated in Teclast P11HD is quad-core Mali400. The powerful GPU allows the tablet to play big 2D/3D games more fluently.
Support Bluetooth Wireless connection
Easily and Freely share with other Devices
P11HD quad-core builds-in Bluetooth mode. It can connect with other bluetooth headset, bluetooth keyboard/mouse wireless. And can also connect with other bluetooth devices to transfer files.
First-Class Design
Well designed in Details
Teclast P11HD quad-core uses brand new model. The thickness is controlled to 8.5mm only. And the frame is also descreased to 11.5mm only. What's more, in order to increase the performance of the speakers, the two speakers are put in front of the panel.
5.0MP HD Camera
with Flash Light and Auto-focus function
Teclast P11HD quad-core has a front 2.0MP and rear 5.0MP dual cameras design. And the rear camera not only supports AF auto-focus function, it also has flash light which makes it have good performance even in dark situation.
Picture-in-Picture function
Working while Watching movies
Teclast P11HD quad-core runs the new Android 4.2 Jelly Bean smart operating system, which is specially optimized for quad-core processor. It supports "picture-in-picture" advanced function. It can allow user to watch videos while surfing internet, doing paper work etc at the same time.
G+G Responsive Touch Experience
Smooth and Accurate
Teclast P11HD uses the 3rd generation G+G capacitive touchscreen.The touch experience has jumped to a new level!
10-point Multi-touch Support
Zoom in and out Freely
Teclast P11HD quad-core uses 10-point mutli touchscreen. The touch is more accurate compared with those 2-point or 5-point touchscreens.
H.264, WMV, AVI, MPEG4 etc kinds of Files support
Teclast P11HD quad-core can smoothly play 1080p Full HD videos, and also support 720P,480P etc different resolution files. And it supports H.264, avi,mp4, rm, rmvb and so on kinds of formats video files.
HDMI 1.4 Output
build your own media center
Teclast P11HD quad-core has HDMI output port. It allows to connect to HD tv or other projector to play movies, games and so on.
Support OTG Function
directly connect with other USB devices
Teclast P11HD quad-core supports OTG function, which allows the tablet to connect to other keyboard, mouse, usb flash and so on usb devices!
WiFi/ external 3G,Ethernet
multiple Internet Connections
Teclast P11HD quad-core not only supports wifi wireless internet connection. It also supports external 3G modem (i.e. Huawei E1750) and Ethernet adaptor to have multiple internet connection ways.
WiFi wireless Internet
With the WiFi wireless connection function, it would be very convenient to surf internet, browse our favorite sites, write blogs, update Twitter/Facebook etc social network, chat with friends/family without the controlling of cables!
Read/Write Emails
The built-in Android Keyboard allows to type not only English language, but also Arabic, Spanish, French and so on kinds of languages! With the Email/Gmail clients installed in this tablet and 10.1'' big size display, the reading/editing emails are so easy to do.
Office Works
Now with smart Android system and office applications (i.e. OfficeSuit 7(free preinstalled by Tablets World)), the normally used office files: documents,excel,powerpoint and PDF, are all supported in this tablet. Without carrying the heavy desktop or notebook, things can be done in a new comfortable way!
Play Games
The tablet is the renovation of games. It changes the way we play games and brings us to a new wonderful games' world. Unlike the Nintendo or PSP, tablet has better and larger display. Unlike the XBOX or Wii, tablet is so easy to take in hands to play. Racing, Actions, Sports, Casual ... Thousands of games in Play.
Read eBooks/News/Magazines
Many people would like to read ebooks or news on bed, sofa. Compared with the heavy notebook or small mobile phones, tablet is the most suitable size for reading. With the ebooks applications (i.e. FBReader), this tablet can support TXT,UMD,epub,oeb and so on kinds of formats files!
Watch Movies
The tablet not only supports rm,rmvb,mp4,avi,mkv,mov etc wide range of videos, it can also watch online movies freely with videos applications (i.e. Youtube, Netflix). The support of HDMI also can make this tablet as a video player for TVs.
Take Photos, Record Voices/Videos
The built-in front and rear two cameras allow users to take photos, record videos freely with the pre-installed Android camera application. And this tablet also has microphone to record voices clearly. What's more, the tablet also supports Skype video chat!
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Operating System
Android 4.2.2
Android 4.0/4.1
10.1 inch
10.1 inch
1920*1200 (very clear)
1024*600 (fuzzy)
Retina IPS (large angle of view, sensitive, vivid, bright)
normal Capacitive (bad angle of view, dark)
48GB (internal 16G+SD 32G)
strong Metallic back cover
all plastic
8.5mm only
over 12mm
front & rear Dual cameras (rear 5.0MP with flash light and auto-focus)
front single camera (0.3MP, very un-clear, impossible to take good picture in dark areas)
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Tablet Specification
ITEMS Teclast P11HD Quad-Core 10.1'' Tablet
Operating System Google Android 4.2.2 jelly bean
Display 10.1 inch
Resolution 1920*1200 pixel
Touchscreen Retina IPS Capacitive multi-touch screen
CPU ARM Quad-Core cortex-A9 up to 1.6GHz
Memory 2GB DDR3 RAM
Storage 48GB (internal 16GB+external 32GB sd card)
Wi-Fi support;IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WLAN wireless
3g support;external 3G modem
Audio Stereo speakers;built-in microphone
Audio Format aac,mp3,wav,wma etc.
HD movies 1080P;720P etc.
Expansion Ports micro-sd; micro-USB; 3.5mm headphone;mini HDMI
Battery 6800mAh Li-battery
Battery Life 7 hours
Camera Front 2.0MP+ Rear 5.0MP AF dual cameras
Expansion Storage Support;up to 32GB T-flash/micro-SD card
Color White front Metallic Back
G-sensor support
HTML5 support
Adobe Flash Player support;Flash player 11
Languages Afrikaans; Amharic; Bahasa Indonesia; Catala; Dansk; Deutsch; English; Espanol; Francais; Hrvatski; Italiano; Latviesu; Lietuviu; Magyar; Malay; Nederlands; Norsk bokmal; Polski; Portugues; Rumantsch; Suomi; Svenska; Swahili; Tagalog; Tieng Viet; Zulu; Chinese etc.
Tablets are widely used around the World!
What items included in this package
1 × Teclast P11HD Quad-Core 10.1'' Android Tablet PC
1 × User Manual
1 × USB cable
1 × Wall Charger(worldwide compatible with adaptor)
1 × 32GB Micro-SD TF Card
1 × 10.1 inch Leather Case Keyboard
1 × 10.1 inch Soft Bag
1 × Touch Pen
1 × Android mini Robot
1 × HDMI Cable
1 × Display clean Cloth
1 × Earphone Cable Winder
1 × Free Ebooks Pack
1 × Free Applications Pack
1 × Full Tech Support
1 × 12-month Manufacturer Warranty
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Related Question & Answer
Terry said:Root to use dongle?
For the Teclast P11HD Quad-Core Tablet, does it need to be rooted, for a external 3G dongle to work for wireless network? Thankyou
Tablets World replied:Thanks for your message
Dear Terry, thanks for your inquiry. To use external 3g dongle, it does not need root. Best regards!
Terry said:Delivery time to Australia
What is the normal delivery days to Australia for a Tablet. Thankyou.
Tablets World replied:Thanks for your message
Dear Terry, thanks for your inquiry. It usually takes around 5 working days to deliver after ship out. Best regards!
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