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Scamadviser Scam
Have you searched Tablets World on Google or Yahoo recently and found a webisite called Scamadviser rating our webiste as very low trustworthy because the location of our website is different from our office address?
Many of our new customers were as equally confuse as you are. Some would come to ask us and give us a chance to explain this. Some would directly leave our site with conclusion that Tablets World is not trustworthy at all, which really breaks our heart.
Please spend few minutes ro read our explanations below.
Tablets World is a international online wholesaler. Our company was created since 2009! We are selling tablet computers, mostly running Google Android operating system. Our main office is in Shenzhen, China. However, we chose to put our hosting in US cause it is fast and stable! For a online shopping site, the loading speed is very important. Many websites are doing this for better service. Little did we know that there are mafia/bully website like Scamadviser who take advantage of this as they can find millions victims.
Whatever Scamadviser is doing they are not only hurting our reputations but also they acted like a modern day mafia, trying to bully us into paying them money for an unworthy ‘trust’ seal or even advertise on their websites to generate some worthless traffic (which some claims they hire their own staff to click on ads).
Is Tablets World Safe to use? is 100% safe to use! Our site is SiteLock verified! Our site is safe and does not contain any virus. You can use anti-virus software to check. We do not collect any personal information from you unless you give to us for service. And those information we collected from you are never shared!
Tablets World have years selling experience and have served thousands happy customers!
We take PayPal payment. PayPal is the global leader in online payment solutions with more than 153 million accounts worldwide! PayPal was founded in 1998 by Elon Muck, who also created SpaceX and Tesla!
If a online shopping site can accept PayPal payment and run for years, then you can feel confident to use. PayPal payment has its own strict and secure method to take payments and protect customers! If a site is scam, its PayPal account for receiving money would be closed forever!
If you have read the above letter and still doubt about our site. I suggest you Google ScamAdviser itself and read from legitimate web business owners from America, United Kingdom and Europe complaints on how Scamadviser conducts broad daylight blackmailing techniques.
Whatever Scamadviser did is to get money quickly and largely! They take advantage of customers and websites. One way they attract traffic to its own site and put lots of ads on it for people to click to make money, another way to give very bad results for online business webistes and ask them to pay Scamadviser!
Scamadviser itself is the online biggest scam, liar!
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